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Voice Teacher

Mr. Dharma showed his interest in art, especially in music in a very early age. Learning vocal techniques from Aning Katamsi, vocal jazz from Ireng Maulana, choral technique and conducting from Avip Priatna, and composition from the late Elfa Secioria, he decided to pursue his career in music after 3 years working in a government-owned office. Mr. Dharma started teaching vocal and music in February 2003. He worked closely with Elfa Secioria and taught at Elfa’s Music School. He was one of the lead singers of Elfa’s Jazz & Pop Singers, 8 times grand champion of the World Choir Games since year 2000.

Mr. Dharma made a debut in theatre acting in “ONROP! Musikal”, created by Joko Anwar. He is the vocal director for several theatrical productions, such as “Sangkala 9/11”, alongside Irvan Natadiningrat; and “Musikal Bawang Merah Bawang Putih”, by Goodhousekeeping Indonesia and Tiara Josodirdjo. He has created “BUTO Musikal” where he also took the role as the co-producer, composer, scriptwriter, and music director. He co-starred in a short film called “Dino”, directed by Edward Gunawan, which also starring Cut Mini Teo and Surya Saputra.

As for singing, Mr. Dharma performed in a national television show with Magenta Orchestra in a program called Deluxe Symphony, directed by Andi Rianto. He also contributed his voice in Arisan 2 film soundtrack, singing the Buddhist chant in a song called “Borobudur”. In August 2011, he released his debut album, entitled “WONDERLAND” on Reverbnation. The Album is comprised of 12 songs where he composed 9 of them. He has shared a stage with Indonesian famous singers, such as Vina Panduwinata, Harvey Malaiholo, Ruth Sahanaya, Titi DJ, Lea Simanjuntak, Hedi Yunus and many more, in a Tribute to Whitney Houston concert at Hard Rock Café Jakarta. We can also hear his golden voice in the newest Pertamina Theme Song, composed by Addie MS, alongside Evelyne Hutagalung.

Mr. Dharma is currently lecturing at Institut Musik Indonesia in vocal performance major, since August 2011. He is also working as a music and vocal director at CIMB Talents Indonesia since August 2013 and BSB (Bank Sumselbabel) since January 2007.

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