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Enjoy the Spotlight


Performing in a concert will help you to build your confidence level and you will get the opportunity to enhance your performance skill. Lalita Music School Annual Concert will be held on Term 3 / Term 4 and every student is encouraged to participate. The concerts are open for any age and level, and we always welcome musical collaborations. Our teachers will help you to prepare your memorized pieces so you will be ready for the concert. An enjoyable and memorable experience awaits you!


Are you into singing, dancing, and acting? Get ready for our intensive training that will help you to perform a full length musical or some musical excerpt in our events. Audition will be held for every production and our students will have the opportunity to learn how to do their audition in a safe and positive environment. 

Get Ready!


Annual Concert: Your teacher will help you to prepare 5-7 minutes of performance with songs that are suitable for you. Learn the story behind the song and present it to the audience. The songs and introduction have to be memorized for a better and deeper performance.

Musical Theater Production: Memorize your script, lyrics and dance, learn the story and character, explore the sincerity in your acting. Most important of all, enjoy the stage!

Happy practicing!

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The first production


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