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Voice & Piano Teacher

Ms. Catharina Kosasih has shown her passion in music since a young age. Her interest in music started by regularly participated various vocal groups and choirs activities, both in school and church, until she finally decided to pursue her piano education more seriously. Ms. Kosasih underwent her piano education at several well-known music schools in Jakarta, including Aminoto Kosin Music School. Her great passion for music made Catharina also explored instrument other than piano. She then began to study vocal techniques with Fitri Muliati.


Catharina was also actively participating in several music workshops. Some of the workshops and seminars that she attended are “Music Therapy” by Prof. dr. Tjut Deviana Daudsjah in 2011, Church Music Seminar and Workshop in Anyer in 2012, vocal clinic by Angela Papale in 2015, “Education in Choir Singing Workshop” by Susanna Saw, and “Indonesia Orchestra and Ensemble Festival” in 2016.


Alongside with her music education, Catharina has been sharing her knowledge by teaching piano for children since 2003 until now. Aside from teaching piano and vocal, Catharina is also a church choir pianist and had fostered church choirs from 2014 to 2016. She was also involved in several musical performances held by a musical community in Jakarta. Some musical dramas she had participated in are “Pulang” and “Satu Kata Yang Tertunda” in 2010, followed by “Diva” in 2011, then “Putih Hitam Lasem” in 2014, and the latest, she took part in the musical “Kunjungan Tuan” in 2016.

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