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Lalita Music School established by professional musicians who have earned their degrees from Berklee College of Music, in Boston, USA. Their fascination towards music has driven them to design an outstanding learning environment with professional teachers. Therefore, Lalita was founded, a school that offers special attention to each of its students by providing one-on-one classes with curriculum that is tailored to each student’s needs, capability and character.

Lalita’s team consists of professional musicians, experienced in educating their students with high standards and great discipline. We have gathered dedicated teachers who have graduated from higher music education from around the world to serve the best classes for you. In addition to the teachers’ instructions, daily practice routine and persistency are important to generate a significant result. Lalita will accommodate the collaborations between students, teachers and parents in this essential learning process to earn the valuable growth.

A great musicianship is created with an exceptional technical skills, theory expertise, and music comprehension. But most importantly, an enjoyable music happens when all those components are fused with the artist’s profound emotion. Lalita is an institution that directs their students to be well-rounded musicians by honing not only the skills and theory abilities, but also encourages them to express themselves through music.

Lalita Music School is equipped with soundproofed rooms and high tech facilities to guarantee a comfortable and modern music education. Lalita offers lessons for students at different ages and levels. At the moment, the lessons are provided for voice, piano, guitar, bass, violin, and saxophone.

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