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Future Starts Now


At Lalita Music School, students have the opportunity to audition for our annual concert. This experience familiarizes them with real-world audition processes and provides a taste of formal examinations. By participating alongside peers and instructors, students gain confidence and refine their performance skills, preparing them for future musical endeavors.

Lalita also provides audition and college preparation classes for those who are interested in continuing their music study abroad. Our teachers are equipped to help you to prepare for your auditions, and the lessons will include audition pieces preparation, ear training, sight reading, harmony, improvisation and musicality. We will also be happy to consult you about your school applications.

Get Ready!


Our experienced teachers will guide you through the audition process, ensuring you know what to expect and how to present yourself effectively. Practice your piece diligently, and approach the audition with confidence to charm the jury!

For College Audition Preparation Class, students must have sufficient music skills and knowledge in order to succeed in college auditions. So, congratulations on maintaining years long of dedicated focused music training!

Getting a degree or diploma for your music education is a big step and could be confusing. First thing first, decide what genre and instrument you want to further explore or what major other than performance that you are interested in. From there, we can narrow down to what universities, colleges, or conservatories will best suited your need, then we will put location and living cost into your consideration. Once we decided on the institutions, take a deeper look on the audition requirements and their admission deadlines. We will be able to further help you with the preparation based on that audition requirements. Break a leg!

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