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Violin Teacher

Mr. Yusuf Kuscahyadi is a violinist born in Surakarta. He pursued his music education at Institut Seni Indonesia (ISI), Yogyakarta, and earned his Bachelor of Music at 2010. While  studying at ISI, he also participated in some international workshops, such as Orchestra Asia Week in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan, European Camerata Workshop, and New Dutch Academy workshop.


Mr. Kuscahyadi is a reputable violinist who is actively playing in Erwin Gutawa Orchestra. In 2005, he began his teaching career at Purwacaraka Yogyakarta and continues to teach at Bina Seni Suara and Singapore International School, Jakarta. Currently, he is teaching at Lalita Music School to share his knowledge and experience. His encouragement and teaching method shows deep understanding of practical and theoritical music skills to help his students excel in learning to play violin.

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