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Piano Teacher

Vivianne Laurence earned her Master of Music degree in piano performance from Manhattan School of Music, United States; and a Bachelor of Arts in Music degree from LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore. 

Vivianne has established her presence in the classical music scene in Indonesia, Singapore and the United States as a performer, organizer, and teacher. Her performances in Singapore include Constellation Piano Concert at Esplanade Library and SIA Theatre, piano festivals at Aureus Academy Music School, Piano Voyage 2019: Into the Underworld, and LASALLE’s Open House 2019 and 2020. She has received honours in many festivals and competitions including Ars Nova Festival, the 3rd Overseas Performers’ Festival, 5th  WPTA Finland Piano Competition (Gold Award), International Music Competition Bonn “Grand Prize Virtuoso” (3rd Prize).

Vivianne also actively organized concerts and music events in Singapore and New York. She and her classmates organised an annual concert in Singapore, Piano Voyage 2019: Into the Underworld. In New York, she works as an Administrative Assistant at Mozart for Munchkins, contributing in an interactive concert, classes and events for kids ages 0-12. 

Vivianne is passionate in sharing her experiences through her music and teaching for both children and adults. Over the course of her studies in Manhattan School of Music, she has benefitted to learn more about pedagogy such as Sight Reading Pedagogy, Theory Pedagogy,  and Advanced Teaching Technique. She aims to help students to achieve their individual goals in music and enjoy sharing their music to others.

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