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Challenged Yourself


We encourage our students to take the ABRSM exam. Our teacher will inform you when you are ready to take the exam and help with your preparations.

Exams are held twice a year:

Session 1: March – April
Practical exam registration until September
Theory exam registration until November

Sesson 2: August – November
Practical exam registration until April
Theory exam registration until June

Get Ready!


In the ABRSM practical exam, students will be tested on several subjects; prepared pieces, scales and broken chords, sight reading, and aural tests. Most students will need about 6 months of preparation for these exams, or longer for higher grades. The time line is not set in stone, it depends on the students dedication in practicing.
Students who wants to take practical exam grade 6,7, or 8 must pass one of the following: Grade 5 (or above) in Music Theory, Practical Musicianship or a solo Jazz subject.

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