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Vocal Teacher

Monica's interest in singing started when she first joined Tarumanagara University Choir. She then decided to pursue it further by studying vocal techniques under the guidance of Maria Rika Santoso, continued with Daniel Christianto afterwards. In 2007 she got accepted into Australian Institute of Music, Sydney, where she studied Classical Voice under the guidance of Arax Mansourian. While pursuing her studies she also became part of Rockdale Opera Company, where she gained most of her experiences in performing arts.


After she returned to Jakarta, Monica continued her vocal training at Resonanz Music Studio under the guidance of Avip Priatna, who encouraged her to then joined Batavia Madrigal Singers in 2014. Together with this choir she participated in numerous international choir competition, such as the Florilege Vocal de Tours in France (2014), International May Choir Competition in Bulgary (2015), and Tolosa Choral Contest in Spain (2016 &2018). She also participated in Opera Gandari by Tony Prabowo in 2015, and Opera Carmen in 2016. In April and August 2019 she performed solo pieces in Valentina Nova Aman's vocal resitals, titled "Damai Bersama-Mu" and "Puji Syukur" before the pandemic hit.


As someone who enjoys singing in church choirs, Monica were once, part of Vox Angelorum Choir and Bel Cantare Choir (Sydney). Even now, she's still actively singing in church choirs, such as Salve Regina and as the soloist of Vabela vocal group, and she's more than willing to help other choirs too as her form of service.

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