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Piano Teacher

Noreen studied piano from an early age for 6 years, under the guidance of various teachers. However, her true interest on piano only peaked after she was introduced to Ms. Vanessa Tunggal.  For a period of 2 years being under her guidance, Ms. Noreen was able to achieve several musical achievements. One of which was passing the ABRSM Piano Performance Exam for Grade 8, with only one point shy of a perfect score.  


During her teenage years, Noreen also studied with Mr Randy Ryan who instructed her on many new techniques and aspects of piano performing. He also encouraged Noreen to play in the JCOM Carnaval of the Animals orchestra, as well as a number of student recitals. 


Noreen also entertained the idea of performing online, by creating content all over social media platforms. In less than a year, she was able to build a community of passionate music learners by sharing her talent on TikTok and Instagram. 


Her past time with Ms. Vanessa has inspired Noreen to become a teacher herself, and she wishes to spread the love for music and change other young mind’s perspectives on learning music, just like what Ms Vanessa did for her. 


Now, Noreen has successfully been admitted into Trinity College, where she will pursue the path to Bachelors of Music degree in the University of Melbourne in the coming February 2023.

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