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Piano Teacher

Noreen embarked on her piano journey at an early age, dedicating six years to studying under the tutelage of various instructors. However, it was not until she crossed paths with Ms. Vanessa Tunggal that her passion for the piano truly flourished. Under Ms. Tunggal's mentorship for 3 transformative years, Noreen achieved remarkable musical milestones, including nearly acing the ABRSM Piano Performance Exam for Grade 8, missing a perfect score by only one point.


Expanding her horizons, Noreen sought instruction from Dr. Pinkcheer Tamio and Prof. Randy Ryan, who imparted invaluable techniques and insights into piano performance. Encouraged by Prof. Ryan, Noreen participated in the JCOM Carnaval of the Animals orchestra and numerous student recitals.


Driven by her passion for music and a desire to connect with others, Noreen ventured into online performance, leveraging social media platforms to share her talent. Within a year, she cultivated a vibrant community of music enthusiasts on TikTok and Instagram.


Noreen has also organized and performed her first 2 hour recital “Soaring” at 17 years old, playing 9 contrasting pieces of different eras and styles, with over 70 people as her audience. Now, Noreen is pursuing Bachelor of Music Performance for classical piano in the University of Melbourne, under the guidance of senior lecturer and Australia’s most renowned piano teacher, Professor Glenn Riddle.


Since 2022, Noreen has been imparting her expertise to students at Lalita Music School. Now, she is excited to open Lalita Music Australia and inspire even more students on their musical journey.

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