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Piano Teacher

Marta Liauw took her first ever music lesson at the age of 4. Throughout her music journey as a classical pianist, Marta has participated and won several competitions and festivals, notably: 2021 Ars Nova International Music Competition (Gold Award), 8th Asia Arts Festival - Gold Award, and the 5th Overseas Performers’ Festival (Silver Award). Her interests in classical and contemporary music encouraged her to continue pursuing music in LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore. During her study period, Marta was under the tutelage of Clarence Lee, who sparked her love for classical music (especially Russian compositions) even more. Behind the scenes, Marta took part in organizing LASALLE classical’s annual concert - Piano Voyage VIII: Night at the Opera. She was also one of the performers for both the seventh and eight instalments.


Back in Indonesia, Marta has been teaching students ranging from elementary to working adults. Aside from teaching, she has also participated in several TRUST Orchestra’s concerts in 2023 as one of the keyboardists. Marta's current projects in 2024 include: a solo recital, the WPTA’s Teacher Certification Exam and directing music for Jakarta-based arts organization, D’Artbeat’s upcoming drama musical.

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