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Guitar Teacher

Mr. Adhika Himawan started his interest in music when he was nine years old. He used to play drums, but then decided to play guitar as well, when he was inspired by Slash (Guns n Roses’ guitarist). In his teenage years, Mr. Adhika switch from his formal education to full time music education at Music School of Indonesia (MSI). There he studied from Bernard Larso and attended Dewa Budjana’s master class. On 2013, he graduated from MSI and got qualified as a professional guitarist.

Mr. Adhika began his music career by playing rock, metal, glam rock, punk, etc. He got the opportunity to play in several events with well known Indonesian artists, such as: playing in Indosiar's Anniversary, playing with Citra Scholastika, Regina, Nowela, and Joy Tobing, playing for Life Channel with Echa Soemantri & Friends, and also for JKT48 Refantasized with Yessi Kristianto.


Together with his band, RAY, Mr. Adhika performed in several events at @America, Motion Blue, TP Jazz, Braga Jazz, Sudden Jazz, Soegi Jazz and Jazz Mben Senen in Jogja, and many more. 


In 2019, Mr. Adhika finished his study at Universitas Pelita Harapan in Jazz & Pop Performance. He continues his musical journey by actively performing in many events, teaching, and enjoying his life as a full-time musician.

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