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Piano Teacher

Ms. Pratama, born in Jakarta, has been interested in music since she was a little girl. She began her piano studies at the age of six and in high school wrote songs for a short film. She followed her passion in orchestral and film music all the way to Boston, Massachusetts in the US, by entering Berklee College of Music, where she was awarded the Berklee Asian Tour Scholarship and received a dual degree in Composition and Film Scoring.

During her time at Berklee, Ms. Pratama broadened her musical knowledge, further exploring jazz, classical, rock, and orchestral music, finding new inspiration within each genre. One of the projects she completed during her time at Berklee was entitled Whispered Lullaby, a composition including a tri-lingual choir, saman dance, gamelan orchestra and a string quartet.

In 2014, she returned to Jakarta and began working as a composer, arranger, and engineer, with Artonconde Indonesia, a mobile game developer. During her time at Artonconde, she collaborated with programmers, animators and game designers. She is currently obtaining her Masters Degree at Prasetiya Mulya Business School. Her love for music and piano still led her to share her music expertise with Lalita Music School.

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